Workshops & Retreats

Over the years, I have presented workshops on a number of topics. I can customize a workshop to your needs, whether it be business or personal.

Each and every workshop and retreat will focus on balancing the areas of heart, mind, body, and soul as it pertains to the given subject. Balance brings abundance, clarity, and power.

Our standard menu of workshops and retreats, is as follows:
(make sure to check our events page for what’s coming up!)

Hold My Heart™

This powerful 1 day workshop addresses the number one challenge for ALL couples.  Two people together into a relationship, with ALL of their individual baggage, training, programming, triggers, likes, dislikes, etc.  Then we are shocked when our partner doesn’t love us exactly how we want to be loved!   We get angry, hurt, frustrated, and often use these things as the evidence that we aren’t in the “right ” relationship.

When is the last time that you TAUGHT your partner how to love you? Or when is the last time you were OPEN to being taught how to love each other?   We expect that our partner’s will automatically KNOW how to love us, and then we are deeply disappointed when they do it wrong!

Spend 8 hours in an intimate, personal, safe environment with your partner, learning only one thing… HOW to teach each other to love the way that YOU need to be loved!

We spend hours in the gym, board room, on conference calls, etc working on our bodies, our careers, and our goals.  When is the last time you set a block of time aside to work on one of the most important things in your life? Your relationship!

This fun, interactive workshop will allow you to see your partner in a different light.  You will discover together, learn together, and experience what it can be like when you remove ego, and make way for pure communication.   Enjoy one another in ways you may have forgotten about, as you take a full day to teach each other how you need to be loved.

Couple Connect™ 

This powerful 3 day retreat is an opportunity for couples to escape the world together and focus on one of the most important things in their lives – their relationship. It runs Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Play, laugh, learn, love, and discover what makes your bond special and how to make it better each and every day you are together. Whether you are a new couple, or have been together for years, your participation is welcome! This retreat is for couples who are struggling to connect as well as those who are feeling like newlyweds every day! We commit to every couple that they will leave feeling closer, more in love, and with a connection stronger than they have ever experienced!

One of the most powerful components of the weekend is the fact that you and your partner will be side by side, exploring, learning, challenging, and discovering – Together. In a safe space, the two of you will explore the four quadrants of your relationship – Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul.

  • Heart – Learn new ways to connect with your partner at a deeper level. Discover new ways of communication that will take your relationship to a whole new level. Learn to talk differently and listen differently.
  • Mind – Discover what makes you “tick” – separately and together. Get clear on your individual dreams, mission, and vision, and how you as a couple can work towards them. Understand the behaviors that make each of us unique and how to work around the quirks in a relationship.
  • Body – Explore the world of intimacy, and how it differs from sex. Find ways to bring more intimacy into your relationship. Take a look, together at your sex life. What is right about it? What could be changed? How could it be enhanced?
  • Soul – We will explore how the wounds of our pasts affect the relationships we have today, and learn how to heal and move forward, together. Connect in a sacred space in ways that will strengthen your bond more than you knew possible.

Becoming Mr. Right

It seems that everyone is searching for Mr. Right. We go from relationship to relationship hoping that the “next guy” has what the “last guy” didn’t… and in this manner we continue searching for Mr. Right. Stop looking for Mr. Right. Start becoming Mr. Right. In this three day intensive workshop, you will take an inventory of who you are, what really matters to you, and what you are looking for in your romantic life.

You will have the opportunity to look into life’s mirror and see how your reflection is or isn’t in alignment with what you say you want – and then learn the tools and make the decision to line things up!

When is the last time you stopped to think that your “Mr. Right” is out there looking for his Mr. Right too! All the reasons that you haven’t found yours yet, may just well be the same reasons he hasn’t found his. So ARE you Mr. Right? Do you have the qualities that you are looking for?

Over 3 days, we will give you the opportunity to look at yourself. Who are you? What do you have to offer? How are you perceived in comparison to what you think?

We will help you learn about the roots of human behavior, which will in turn help you to not only know yourself better, but know others better as well. It will improve your understanding of others and the way you interact and communicate.

You will get a clear focus on who you are, and do some significant work on your own mission and vision for your life. Get clear on your mission, your value, and your purpose on this big rock we live on, and then make the choices you need to make become your own Mr. Right.

You will leave this workshop with the tools that will enable you to truly create the life you wish to live. We will explore the powers of the subconscious mind and unlock the power that it has to significantly shift your life into the direction you choose to go.

Stop looking so hard for Mr. Right, and BECOME Mr. Right.

 Living the Law of Attraction: What The Secret Didn’t Tell You

The Secret. One of the bigest selling concepts ever. Millions awakened to the Law of Attraction. Yet, there is so much more that the secret didn’t tell us.

What are the other Universal Laws? Your success and abundance are determined by how you live each of them. In this 3 day workshop, you will not only learn what the other laws are, but how they work in harmony to bring you all that you envision for your life.

Mysteries of the Universe aren’t supposed to be “mysteries!” They are meant to be discovered and utilized to reach life’s maximum benefits! You will get come to recognize what stops you, what propels you, and what works for and against you.

Living a Mission Centered Life

Take yourself on a 3 day journey in which you will discover who you are, why you’re here, and what your higher purpose is in life! Then set the balls in motion to live a life centered around a mission that is so clear it will guide every decision you make for the rest of your life. Yes. It’s that simple. Really.

The 5 Pillars of Personal Power

        • Authenticity
        • Intimacy
        • Integrity
        • Passion
        • Accountability

What do these words mean? How do they manifest themselves (or not) in your life? Discover how these 5 principles work together to bring amazing balance and connection to yourself and those around you. In this 3 day workshop, you will take a very close look inside. It’s time for a personal inventory. Where is there symmetry? Where is there alignment? What needs adjusted for you to reach your peak performance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?


This workshop is still in development. Working with other coaches, facilitators, and healers, we will provide an incredible weekend of healing and growth for men who have survied “Ex-gay” or “Reparative” therapy.  You are NOT broken.  You are whole, wonderful, and beautiful.  Come together with like minded men for support, healing, and an amazing clarity of your own personal power and strength.

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