The Subconscious Mind

You can think of your mind being built of two parts: conscious and subconscious minds. The Conscious mind is responsible for your current awareness and decision making. It is only around 12 % of your mind. The other 88 % is your subconscious mind.  There is also a third part, called the Higher Self, Super-conscious, or Higher Conscious.  This is the part of us that is connected to mankind, the Universe, Deity, etc.  In the workings of Subconscious Therapy, we will connect with this third part often, creating powerful, life-changing experiences.

To understand the relationship between the Conscious and Subconscious mind, let’s take a journey to childhood, and remember the story of Aladdin’s Lamp…  The original version – before the western world changed it!  In the original version, The Genie didn’t grant three wishes.  The Genie was limitless, and he only had one phrase he spoke to the one who freed him, who we will call the “Boss”.  The Genie only said, “Your wish is my command.”  That was it.  Whatever the boss said, the Genie did.

Your Conscious Mind 

The BossThe conscious part of your brain has some amazing qualities like deduction, reasoning, logic, short-term memory, and a notion of time and space.Most importantly, it is the only part of your mind that has the ability to accept or reject information, or idea’s you choose to place before it.

Your conscious mind has an ability to use about 17% of your brains capacity, most people use this 17% for the very effectively to get themselves what they calm they do not want.Your goals and dreams start at your conscious levels of mind, you think about what you want and decide to go for it. However, your results how well you do, and what you do to achieve your out comes, does not take place at your conscious mind levels.

It is the conscious mind that allows us to analyze, draw conclusions and make decisions based on what we have learned through experience. Much of this conscious decision-making reprograms the subconscious mind to act accordingly, thereby freeing us to selectively focus on that which interests us at the time. But without the work done for us by our subconscious mind, we would never be able to coordinate all the muscles we use in as ‘simple’ a task as throwing a ball.

It’s also important to understand at this point that “the Boss” is also influenced by others around us.  For every time someone else told us that we are worthless, or not good enough, or not beautiful or handsome enough… you get the point… Every time we heard these things growing up, and played them over in out head, it was just as good as if out “Boss” had said them, and the Genie responds, as always… “Your wish, is my command.”

Your Subconscious Mind

 The GenieIt may be useful for you to now understand how your Subconscious works, and what it does.  And to know that you can master and make friends with your Subconscious to achieve all of the things you want to experience in life.

Your Subconscious is the 88% that you are not normally aware of; some uninformed people will say that you only use 10% of your brain. Bull.

Your Subconscious controls all of your physical processes, it tracks each blood cell and knows when to replace it and how to build a new one, all of the chemical changes in your body are monitored changed and controlled by this area of your mind.

Your Subconscious mind is where you have your personality, where all your feelings and thoughts come from. Your memory, with all your personal values, beliefs, and habits is also there. Your thoughts, ideas, outlooks, and how you chose to make some kind of meaning to your experiences in life. You do not experience life, you run every thing through a subconscious system of internal filters, which change the information you notice.

Can you just imagine now, just how big a computer you would need to monitor, control, destroy and rebuild just one blood cell? Now add all of your physiological processes together. You carry such a computer between your ears. Think about it. The amazing biological computer between your ears.

Your Subconscious operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. It has no off switch even when you are asleep and your conscious mind is gone, it is working rebuilding your body and mind. Who wakes you up to go to the toilet?  Who wakes you just before your alarm clock goes off?

Your Subconscious has been recording everything you have ever experienced.This allows for such a vast store of knowledge. There may also be an external hard drive, and an internet connection to the universe, that we are linked to.

Some of the Rules that the Subconscious Follows:

  • Cannot tell the difference between the past, present or future.
  • Has little concept of time.
  • Unable to tell the difference between what you imagine and what is real.
  • Is controlled by biological emotional programs, past conditionings.
  • It takes every command or idea at face value.
  • Does not know the difference between good or bad, right or wrong.

May be some of this seams far fetched to you. So let me give you some examples to consider…

Have you ever sat on your own and thought about the love of your life, and felt a warm glow? felt love? or the anticipation of sexual pleasure?

Have you ever been excited about going on holiday, looked forward to it with anticipation, and could just not wait to go on holiday?  Or had a business outcome and daydreamed about it, took action and are now living that dream.

Thought about the new car you wanted or the plasma screen TV, and found a way to have it.  When you thought about these things, you experienced feelings in your body. You thought and felt different, and your feelings felt real, to you they are.

Now look at some other examples…You may sit in an empty room on your own, no one else there to make you feel anything, and daydream about a possible future, about something that has not happened and may not happen.

Let’s use the examples of anxiety, fear, and worry. In addition, if you are run the movies of all the stress and how it will go wrong, the pain and anxiety you will feel. The voices in your head telling you, you’re no good. How are you going to feel?Feeling it start in your body, so you run the movie repeatedly, and the feelings build. This is all evidence of the power of the Subconscious Mind.

Even though the memories have not happened, and may not happen. And the imaginary feeling is in your imagination a daydream, a fantasy. You feel them now. They are real now. Your Subconscious cannot tell that they are not real. All it responds to is your input.  The images, voices, and feelings you create, are controlled by biological emotional programs, and past conditionings.

How much of what you do are you conscious of? If you drive, you regally experience not being there, you sing to the music, or plan the meeting. And someone or something, works out the speeds and trajectories of all the things around you. The breaking distance, changing gear, lighting a cigarette and having a swig of coke and you are just along for the ride. Does that sound familiar?

This habit has gone on to autopilot. It is automatic, you do not even think about it. Yet just look at how complex this behavior is. Well most of your life is set up like this. Most people have little control of there emotional responses in there lives. Unless you go in and clear the emotional baggage you are carrying, you take it into the next experience.  The subconscious mind is responsible for organizing and making sense of data acquired through perception – notice I said PERCEPTION, not reality.  There is a big difference.  Our perceptions form our opinions, beliefs, and behaviors.  Change our interpretation of our perceptions, and we can rewrite our history, and more importantly, our future!

You know people who say things like “I cant” “Its just me” “I’ve always been that way”… Well this is mostly from past conditioning or learned behaviors, and the good news is that those thoughts can be easily overcome, or “Reprogrammed.”  When we communicate at a subconscious level, we are then able to give the Genie new commands, which will lead to newer thoughts, feelings, behaviors, thoughts, or attitudes… which will lead to a better, happier future.

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