Kind words from my past and present clients!

  • I have had Reiki before, but never experienced anything like I felt with Roger.  He has a gift.  Wow!  The healing was tangible – emotionally and physically.  If there is any part of you looking for some inner healing, see Roger!  In the week and a half that have followed my first Reiki session, I have seen and felt an amazing difference in my life!  I can’t wait to experience his other talents! Thank you Roger!  – Tony (NYC)
  • We had what we thought was a great relationship.  We started seeing Roger to work on some minor issues, and he showed us how to take our love to a much higher level.  His tools and support have allowed us to reach a level of connection and intimacy that I never imagined possible.  We have realized that we have to make our love a priority above everything else in our lives!  As we have done this, everything else has fallen into a beautiful rhythm! Thank you Roger! – Mike & Rick, Portland, OR
  • Thank you soooo much Roger for sharing your gift of hypnotherapy with Ian and I. He’s excited to come see you again and is amazed with the positive benefits only after one session. You’ve made him realize that we all possess mental healing power. 🙂 -Nikki, Mesa, AZ (Ian is the client – her 11 yr old son!)
  • “Thanks for helping me to stop smoking! I didn’t realize that my smoking was being caused by deeply rooted emotions in my mind. Amazingly, I have not craved, been crabby, or gained any weight in over 3 weeks! Even more amazing is that I’ve actually lost 12 pounds! I am finally free again! WOW!” T.M. Ohio (original session in March 2006 – still has had no desire to smoke)
  • I found therapy with Roger to be great. It was a practice in soothing meditation and humble self-examination. He lead me through my past and helped me re-examine the negative experiences and memories that had wounded me. He then facilitated a positive interpretation of those events by helping me use my imagination to create a state of mind grounded in love; which enabled me to forgive those people who had hurt me. I strongly recommend therapy with Roger. He goes straight to the cause of what ails one and provides a spiritual solution that one can use again and again. Tom N., IL
  • “My life was full of sadness. It seemed like everything I did only made it worse. After one brief session with you, the sadness was replaced with a profound sense of peace, and that peace hasn’t gone away! Everything in my life seems better. Thank you!” L.P. Florida
  • After a few short months… scary, exciting, depressing , hopeful, sad , happy and not always happy months. I am pleased to meet …Me, Not that person bogged down with life long guilt, shame & depression. That person was not who I was intended to be. Working with Roger using NLP, I was able to find where these issues had originated which can be emotional, but at the same time really cool , because you then have the power to change the end result’s and then take control of any thing in your life. NLP took me back to where my burdens began, and though I can’t change the past I was able to take control of how these things will effect me the rest of my life. Its hard to put down words for something that totally has changed my life, and has given me a chance to live up to my full potential. At 47 I have a bit of a late start so I BETTER GET GOING! Joyce Butler, BCC AZ.
  • “There were so may things about my relationship with my father that I wasn’t able to let go of. I had tried everything and been to several different counselors. The Time Line work that you did with me gave me an understanding and closure that I had been praying for for years. Now, for the first time in my life I can let go of the things that he’s had a hold of, and get on with my life… as my own man! Thank you!” S.L., PA

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