LifeTrek Services

Utilizing the most intimate and effective skills and gifts, Roger is happy to offer you help and service in the following areas :

Read descriptions below, or click on the links to read more in-depth information on the services offered.

NLP Coaching and Counseling
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With training in Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Roger will assist you through deeper levels of subconscious to access the healing and change that you desire.

Addiction Recovery
Utilizing any and every tool in his toolbox, Roger will help you discover, at a subconscious level, the root cause of your addictions and help to put the pieces together that will bring about lasting change and growth out of your addictions.

Life Coaching
Each life coaching program is customized to your individual needs.  There is no cookie cutter program.  We will work together to get clear about your goals, and create an action plan to create the life of your dreams.  This isn’t just a “Go get your goals” life coaching program, but truly a system created to CREATE the changes in your life needed to achieve the highest levels of success personally and professionally.

Family and Couple Counseling
All of the challenges that face families and couples are rooted in the subconscious mind.  Utilizing many different techniques, Roger will help you and your partner/family learn to communicate more effectively, support one another, and heal together.  Roger is a successful parent educator, and has worked with children, families, and couples for over 10 years to resolve conflict and create peace.

Subconscious Reprogramming
Using many different subconscious tools and techniques, Subconscious Reprogramming allows you to do just that.  Identify the behaviors in your life that aren’t serving you, and then change them at a deep subconscious level in order to bring about your desired results!

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Chakra Clearing/Opening Therapy
Using Reiki, NLP, and other subconscious tools, Roger will work with you to clear the things that are blocking your chakras and open them up to life energy.  If you haven’t really felt your chakras spinning, you are missing out!  Once all 7 chakras are open and flowing, you will feel Kundalini flowing through your body as you become more open to abundance, guidance, and blessings from the Source.

Intuitive Energetic Touch Therapy
Utilizing the power of human touch, massage strokes, Reiki, and Intuitive healing techniques, prepare yourself for a mind/body experience that will heal, refreshen, rejuvinate, and awaken your senses.

Sexual Issues
Our sexual selves often hold our darkest shadows and most intense struggles.  As a survivor of some pretty deep sexual issues, Roger has first hand knowledge of what it feels like and what it takes to overcome sexual challenges.   Though each individual is unique, all of our challenges are rooted subconsciously, from some event or chain of events in our lives.  Let Roger gently guide you to resolution of the conflicts that you are experiencing.  Sexuality is one of our greatest gifts form the Universe, yet for many it also holds the most pain.  Free yourselves from the pain, and experience the joy again!

Coming Out Strong!
As a gay or lesbian individual, coming out is one of the most difficult things in our lives.  It’s often done with little support.  One of the biggest challenges, is after we come out… Now what?!  With first hand experience though his own life and through helping many clients, Roger understands this sensitive time of life and is well equipped to help you come out in the most healthy, positive way possible, including setting up a plan and defining what being gay means to YOU – not to the rest of the world.

Time Line Therapy
Using subconscious NLP techniques, travel through the timeline of your life to discover the roots to your issues and challenges, and then heal them in a way that will bring lasting wholeness and closure.  Time Line Therapy is an incredible technique to use for past life healing as well as generational healing.  Roger is a Certified Time Line Therapy Coach.

Sleep Issues
Are you having trouble sleeping?  Do you find it a challenge to tuen your mind off? Do you find yourself waking up throughout the night? Go deep into your subconscious to find the core reason you have these challenges, then clean things up, reprogram your mind, and get ready to settle in for a deep, restful night’s sleep!

Health/Medical Issues
Many of the illnesses and medical challenges that we face today are rooted in our phsycho emotional self.  As a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Health & Success Coach, Roger can help you discover the root of your medical symptoms and challenges, and then help you find the emotional healing that will relieve many of the health challenges you are facing.  This is in no way a replacement for medical care, but these techniques have been found to be extremely helpful in facing some of the most challenging health issues you could imagine!

School Challenges for kids
If your school age children are facing challenges with their grades or any aspect of school, there is a good chance there is something going on that is deeper than you may know…. Deeper even than they may know.  Hypnosis is incredibly effective for kids in helping them improve grades, expand themselves socially and emotionally, and succeed overall in theor lives.  At the discretion of the child, parents are welcome to sit in on a session.

Wedding Officiating
Roger is a Licensed Minister and heads LifeTrek Ministries.  As such, it is a true joy and pleasure to be honored with the gift of being able to officiate in the uniting of two souls in marriage!  It’s a true highlight of his career!  If you’re planning a wedding or commitment ceremony, contact Roger for a no cost consultation where you will work together to create the most meaningful ceremony possible!

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    What is a good time to get together for another personal session. Are you available this week in the mornings?

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