Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for your services?

  • Your first 60 minute session is ALWAYS free of charge.
  • For basic Subconscious Therapy, rates vary depending on the services offered.  Sessions range from $60-$120
  • Issue specific packages (Smoking Cessation & Allergies) are $300 one-time charge, and are guaranteed… If your issue isn’t taken care of, you come back until it is for free… If I can’t help you after 6 sessions, you get your money back!
  • I will never let funds stop someone from receiving the help they desire.  I am open to bartering services, etc.  It never hurts to just ask!

Does hypnotherapy, or other subconscious work take away my free choice?

  • Absolutely not. In fact, if anything it gives you free-er choice, because you are able to make choices and decisions without the distractions of the conscious mind.

Am I aware of what’s happening during subconscious therapy?

  • Most people are aware of everything that is said and done will undergoing this type of therapy.

Is subconscious therapy expensive?

  • It depends what you call expensive.  Everyone has different judgment scales when it comes to money.  However, when compared to the price of regular cognitive behavioral therapy, over time you will save a significant amount of money because of the lower number of visits required for recovery or healing.  The one difference, and this is different with every client, is that this work is often done through 2-5 hour long sessions.  This may make it appear to cost more, but when you compare the hourly cost as well as the overall cost of treatment, you could save thousands over more traditional forms of therapy.

Am I unconscious during this work?

  • No.  Just the opposite is true.  Usually, a client is more conscious during this work than they are in their day to day lives.  Sometimes, a person falls asleep during deeper hypnosis, deep subconscious work, and often during Reiki treatments.  However, most of this work is done with the client completely conscious.  A client will never be taken into a deep unconscious trance state without their knowledge and consent.

What are Roger’s credentials/training?

  • I have completed extensive courses which meet or exceed general standards of practice.  I also hold many national and international memberships and certifications and am continually striving to enhance and further their education and skills.
  • Professional Certifications:
    NLP Master Practitioner
    Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
    Neuro-Linguistic Health/Success Coach
    Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Master Time Line Coach
    Reiki Master Practitioner
    Ordained Minister
  • Past & Present Professional Memberships:
    International Assembly of Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards
    The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    American Association of Behavioral Therapists
    Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis
    American Board of Hypnotherapy
    National Guild of Hypnotists
    American Alliance Of Hypnotists

What is a typical session like?

  • Part of the fun of this work, is that it’s different every time.  I have a vast toolbox of techniques and skills that I draw from depending on the work being done.  With that said, a general session is conducted in a quite, peaceful environment that is conducive to healing and growth.  It is imperative that the client is comfortable and relaxed.  The client can be sitting in a chair, on the floor, in a recliner, beanbag, on a couch.. etc.  After short discussion about the client’s needs and desires, we begin the healing process… this can look many different ways.  There is a lot of using your imagination, visualizing, etc.  If hypnosis is used, it can look a variety of different ways.  If Reiki techniques are employed, the client is lying on a massage table, fully clothed, and gets the opportunity to relax, and receive the healing energy transferred through various hand placements.  It is often more relaxing than a massage.

How long is a session?

  • A typical session can be 1-3 hours.  Depending on the need or the client however, sessions can last up to 5 hours.

Is this stuff for real or is it just my imagination?

We’ll take two routes to answer this question…

  • First, Imagine you are holding a juicy, ripe, plump lemon. Take that lemon (in your imagination, of course!) and slice into it with a knife.  See the juice squirting from the lemon as you slice into it.  You may even feel the juice spray your face, or possibly feel the sting as some juice lands in your eye.  Feel the juice running over your fingers and onto the counter.  Now imagine taking a big piece of that juicy flesh and biting down on it, filling your mouth with fresh, powerful lemon juice.  Feel the juice as it runs down your throat, and possibly down your chin…  Was the lemon “real”  of course not!  Was your body’s response to that lemon real?
  • Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. are VERY real. Working with them at the level in which they are stored will often bring feelings, memories, events, etc. to the surface.  A memory isn’t tangible, but it’s very real!  Second, there are critics of this work who say that it’s mostly make-believe, and can’t possibly have real results.  These people have very little understanding of  the subconscious mind and how it works.  The results are very real, and long-lasting.

My religious leaders or beliefs say that this isn’t “good.”

  • We would invite you and your religious leaders to meet with Roger and discuss what will be happening. Often it’s simply a lack of information that causes people to doubt this work, or anything else for that matter!  Many local religious leaders are referring members of their congregations to Subconscious therapy because of the speed, and powerful results in helping people overcome emotional issues, marital challenges, addictions, etc.  We would be happy to discuss this issue at length with anyone who has concerns about it.

Can I be hypnotized to do something I wouldn’t normally do?

  • No.  The subconscious mind will not allow you to do anything contrary to your moral values.  And more importantly, our practitioners are bound by professional & ethical standards.  The work we do in a clinical setting is 100% geared toward assisting our clients in overcoming challenges in their lives, and reaching new heights.  Not entertainment.

How long does this therapy last?

  • Depending on the depth and number of the  issues you want to work on, this answer can vary drastically.  We are not like typical therapist, who will ask you to come in weekly for years… It’s all gauged on your progress.  Some clients are good to go after just a few visits, others may take a few months.  It is all dependent on the client’s needs.  Rarely, will a client of subconscious therapy work on the same issue for more than a few visits.

Can I learn these tools, and do work on myself?

  • Absolutely.  Although many of the techniques are best facilitated by a practitioner, there are many things that we will tech you to do on your own, including self-hypnosis, which is a very powerful tool.  We encourage our clients to do this work on their own.  Honestly, the fewer times we have to see you , the happier we are! (In a clinical setting anyway!)

Is this work effective for children?

  • VERY effective!  And much quicker.  What I find is that kids are much more open to this work, because they don’t have a lot of the “Stuff” that we have as adults that can tend to get in the way.  They are trusting, open, and can readily access their imaginations and subconscious mind!  I have a soft spot for kids, and are developing some specific workshops and retreats for kids.  This work has had great results in working with kids one-on-one, dealing with issues such as: finger/thumb sucking, grades, self-esteem, dealing with peer pressure, confidence, athletic performance, etc.

If you have any specific questions about NLP, Hypnotherapy, or Reiki that are not answered here, please feel free to send me an e-mail with your question, or post it on the main page.  We’ll answer it right away!

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