Essential Oils Education

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Essential Oil Essentials (Class)

For class locations, and to register, scroll to the bottom of the page.

In this fun & informative 60 minute Essential Oils Class, you will learn the essentials about Essential Oils.  Information will include the following:

  1. What are essential oils?
  2. Modern Medicine vs. Natural medicine.
  3. How are oils different from traditional medicine?
  4. Essential Oil quality – what’s important?
  5. What to look for in a good essential oil.
  6. How do oils work?
  7. Why do oils work?
  8. What are the varied uses of essential oils?
  9. The building blocks of good health & wellness.
  10. How are essential oils used/applied?
  11. How can essential oils support your current health challenges.
  12. How to incorporate oils into your every day life for optimal health.
  13. How to take control of your own health/healthcare.
  14. How to save money with your healthcare.
  15. Much much more!


Cost & Location

Classes are offered all over the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and will soon be coming to other US cities!

Classes are offered on various days/nights of the week, and in various locations. (see below)

Fee for the class is $25, and includes a free 5 ml bottle of a selected essential oil, a magazine featuring many benefits of essential oils, and a certificate for a one on one health consultation ($250 Value).

Contact the person who invited you to look at this information, to receive a promotional code to register! ¬†If you don’t have one, contact Roger at

Classes are currently being offered in the following cities (click on the city name for location, dates, and to register):
Mesa, AZ
Tempe, AZ
Glendale, AZ
Queen Creek, AZ
Chandler, AZ

In the early months of 2014, we will add the following cities:
New York City, NY
Scottsdale, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO
Portland, OR
Tucson, AZ
Orange County, CA
Seattle, WA
Tacoma, WA
Vancouver, BC

To register, click on the city name, to be taken to a registration page, or email

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