Don’t Click Here!

Lesson on the word “DON’T”

Our behaviors and outcomes are determined by the representations we create and imagine in our minds. When we precede a statement with the word don’t, for example: Don’t think of a blue elephant, our unconscious mind negates the negative not in don’t and creates an image of what we were not supposed to think of. How big is your blue elephant?

This is also true with creating our desired outcomes in life. Often times we will have thoughts or make statements regarding what we don’t want to happen, and our creative unconscious mind will create the imagery of what we wanted to avoid, making it more likely to occur.

All statements or affirmations should be made in the positive so our unconscious mind will direct us to accomplish our goals and dreams.

For more support in understanding your subconscious mind and tapping into it’s power, contact me for a no-cost, no-obligation telephone consultation.

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  1. Made me smile! Thank you!

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